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Thread: Texas Holey Rock

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    Thumbs Up Texas Holey Rock

    We literally have tons of Texas Holey Rock for sale that goes great with African Cichlids and fish that like harder water. Research will show that this is a highly sought after rock for fish tanks and goes for $2.99 per pound retail at fish stores on the low end. We are only looking for $1.50 a pound for clean rock and $1.00 for dirty.

    Dirty rock just needs a good pressure washing, soaked in bleach, and then sun bathed. The picture of the rock in the bed of the truck is a stack that ways approximately 600 pounds and is in a 5' bed if that helps with weight reference. We have everything from 100+ pound monsters to crumbs! We surely have the pieces perfect for your aquarium.

    Please call/text (678) 772-5221 or email at Texts and emails get the fastest response, and if you call and I don't answer, please leave a voice mail as I have been getting a lot of calls from telemarketers lately.

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    Just cleaned up another 1200 pounds! We have had a pretty steady flow of traffic come through, come get your rock today!

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    Bump, we are available all weekend!

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    Bump! Just cleaned up some more great pieces, still have plenty!

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    Bump! Have a large amount pressure-washed.

    $1.00 a pound dirty, $1.25 pressure washed/pre-bleached, $1.50 bleached.

    Come by and pick up some rock this weekend!

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    Bump, come get some rock!

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    I want a few hundred pounds for me and my buddy.

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    Had a great time at the auction last weekend, and am thankful for the opportunity! Met a lot of nice people and have some great new fish and plants settling in.

    Still have a lot of great bleached holey rock for only $1.50 a pound! Let me know if interested.

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    Bump, come get some rock!

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    Still have many great pieces available! Come by and check them out!


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