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Thread: Texas Holey Rock

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    For some reason having trouble attaching pictures. If you email me at, I can send you some!

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    Alright guys! Now is time more than ever to come get some rock. For the rest of the month of October, we are running a fire sale of 60 cents a pound, no rock over $40. Perfect time to grab those megas!

    Need to get these gone unfortunately, a new neighbor bought the lot we were using for storage and now the rock is spread out in the side yard. Pictured is one tarp, still have 3-4 times that. Bulk discounts a possibility, would be a great investment!


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    Bump, don't miss this great deal! Thank you to everyone that has already come by!

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    Unfortunately it looks like my last post was lost, but currently selling the rock at $0.35 a pound! Need the rest of it gone

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    Bump. Need these guys gone, located at my parents house and they are moving in a month! 10 cents a pound of 100+ pound purchase, 30 cents a pound for <100.

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    I sent u a Pm

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    Bump. 10 cents a pound for >100 pounds; 30 cents a pound for <100 pounds.

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    Ok everyone, still have around 2-3,000 pounds and need it gone “yesterday”. College and work have not allowed me to be on top of this as I should, and I have got to get it out of the yard.

    * Take as much as you can for $40 * all you can haul in your car truck or suv. Text offers or ideas to 678-772-522(one). Really just need it gone.

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    Where are you located?


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