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Thread: Excellent new shippment..... MUST SEE!

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    Excellent new shippment..... MUST SEE!

    Paracyprichromis nigripinnis blue neon F-1
    Paracyprichromis nigripinnis.png

    Callochromis melanostigma Magara F1 (only got two of these!)
    Callochromis melanostigma Magara.jpg

    Buccochromis rhoadessi yellow (just starting to color up)
    Buccochromis rhoadessi.jpg

    Huge Tropheus Duboisi
    XXL tropheus.jpg

    Apistogramma Borelli 'bella union' F1
    borelli bella union f1.jpg

    Apistogramma Rapanuni

    Apistogramma Cacatuoides 'Double Red'

    Krobia Xinguensis
    Krobia Xinguesis.jpg

    We also just got in a huge shipment of betta fish. all different kinds. Koi, black orchid, platinum, dragonscale, dumbos and more!
    come take a look!
    Show Koi.jpg

    Show Koi 2.png

    Dragonscale Halfmoon.jpg

    platinum crowntail.jpg

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