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Thread: 5' 120 gallon set-up for sale tank, fish,filters, heaters..everything -$350

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    5' 120 gallon set-up for sale tank, fish,filters, heaters..everything -$350

    Hello there - would like to try sell this all as a package before I piecemeal it out..

    5' 120G with black cabinet stand
    3 Aqua Clear 110 filters and extra media
    3 250-300 Water heaters
    substrate and a few artificial plants
    one very large piece of driftwood (I'd guess about 36" long and 12" high
    one industrial heavy duty power strip
    3 4" geophagus red head Tapajos
    1 4" heros sp.rotkeil
    1 4-5" L235 pleco (p. Anthrax)
    1 9" Petenia splendida (aka red bay snook)
    3 5'gallon with lid and battery powered air pump
    1 18" (I think) LED light

    all fish purchased from Jeff Rapps ( except the snook which was purchased from this board

    $350 takes all
    i think that's reasonable

    i can help you break it down but would prefer you bring help to carry it out to your van/truck.
    that doesn't mean I can't help - ive had some back issues.. You get the idea
    Open to trade for a large pvc reptile enclosure.
    I can do weeknights after 6pm and weekends (early preferred)

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    ***location Doraville, Ga. About a mile from where 285/85 meet on the north side of the perimeter***

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    Sale Pending for everything to one buyer. Thanks for all of the inquiries.

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    Do you still have this tank for sale?

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