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Thread: Need species ID

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    Need species ID

    Need help in identifying the species of this proud parent. Thanks.
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    Not positive, but it looks like a Jaguar cichlid, Parachromis managuensis to me.

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    im pretty positive thats what it is. the reasons for my id: it Looks like it....thats the most common fish that looks like that...there are only a few that are similar, and if the owner doesnt know the name, then its most likely something easily picked up, not a specialty ordered fish, so more reason to suspect its a common option...the jaguar.......but its smaller than you would expect to have spawned....they get 16"
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    Agreed I have some here at shop

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    I agree as well. Jaguar Cichlid. Gonna be a tank buster! =)
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    Thank you all. The pair aggressively defends their brood. The tank has some plecos, and they even pester the big ones (over 16"). The plecos eventually move along.

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    How big are the parents? Jags make a great team when it comes to protecting their fry, if there are target fish in the tank.

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    I would guess about 5" and 6". They are doing a fine job keeping their tank mates away.

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