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Thread: Returning to aquarium dilettantism... brackish this time

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    Returning to aquarium dilettantism... brackish this time

    Hi all,

    On and off aquarium enthusiast for 25 years. I set up a new tank in each city I move to. So far, I've done (in order):

    -Goldfish (5g, 10g, 20g-Long)
    -Fancy goldfish (30g, 55g)
    -FOWLR marine (55g)
    -Reef marine (40g)
    -Pacific NW coldwater marine (lived near the coast, so I could keep ochre sea stars etc.) (75g, 54 degrees F)
    -Species-only scarlet reef hermit crab (40g)

    So now I'm in Atlanta for the time-being, and wanted to try a tiny 5.5g brackish. I've had an enduring fascination with bumblebee gobies, but can't seem to find them anywhere at the LFS proximal to Midtown.

    I don't know if I should try for plants in a tank that small with the gobies, and was thinking SG of 1.010, which would probably ace most things out except for Java Ferns from what I've read. I've never done planted aquaria, so I have no idea what I'm doing on that front.

    Any guidance you have would be great - looking forward to participating on the forum!

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    Welcome to Atlanta, and welcome back to fishkeeping. You will find many experienced aquarists here. Brackish is not a word I hear much, so I'm not sure who to suggest for advice. My suggestion is to attend the fall auction on Sept. 27, and converse with the other attendees. You never know what gems you will uncover, both in items being offered and in people you will meet.

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    There is a good brackish FB group........ welcome back. It seems to get worse every time we relapse!
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    These gobys will only eat food that is moving So you will need live foods

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    I was actually just Googling for where I can find CA blackworms locally... Any suggestions?

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    Joe at Pets World in Riverdale got me started on Bumblebee Gobys...he usually keeps them in stock. And I fed mine flakes. They seemed to do fine...

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