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Thread: Fish Wanted - Tropheus - Cyphos

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    Fish Wanted - Tropheus - Cyphos

    Hey Guys

    I just moved here from Houston and i am looking to restart my fish room...
    I have 2 tanks up and am now looking for stock....
    Anyone selling or know where i can get Tropheus? (Nkonde,Red Rainbow,iKola,iLLangi,Reds)

    PS. I checked out a few local Fish Stores but the little they had were astronomical in price...

    PPS. Also looking for some base rock, not paying fish store prices. Thought maybe someone here
    knew where to get some nice rock...


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    There is a thread on here of someone selling Tropheus. He is down in the southern part of the state though. He will be coming to the auction at the end of September and has stated he can bring some. You should contact him (I think he also has some Cyps). Here is the link to that thread.

    If you go back far enough, you will also see someone selling lace rock at a fairly reasonable price. Did not look for that thread.

    Welcome to GA.

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    Cheers Tangfan, will do...

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