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Thread: Auction BAP Question

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    Auction BAP Question

    Hello, I had a couple questions about BAP.

    1. Is the form on the front page of the website the current one? I've seen mention of an updated form but can't find it and wasn't sure if it had already been posted on the front page in place of the old form.

    2. What is the procedure at the big auctions for BAP. The guidelines say to give them to the BAP representative but I can see that being a little more difficult to find the right person at the larger auction. Also are you just supposed to turn over the forms or the fish as well to be verified or whatever?
    David Mercer
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    This is the BAP current form:

    If you need help finding one of the BAP Chairs (Luis Indacochea and Ron Kempner) at the auction, just ask and we'll be glad to point them out for you. Just hand one of them the forms and let them know where the fish are located for verification.

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    Cool, Thanks.
    David Mercer
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