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Thread: BAP Question

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    BAP Question

    I was wondering if the AAAA club has ever thought about giving BAP points for 2nd generation BAP points for the same species where the member breeds the species, raises the fry and breeds them again. This was done in the Rhode Island Club when I was in that club and I always thought it was a good method of keeping members interested in keeping a species longer than they would if they just breed it once and moved onto the next species.

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    That's a pretty interesting idea, hard to police but then again if you feel the need to cheat for BAP points there are other issues. If we did something like this I would love to maybe require an article about it so that other members can benefit from the project and learn more completely about the species. It would be an awesome learning experience for all and we could even build a database for the club that would have great information more centralized for our users not to mention taking into account some of the issues of the area. (Low PH water, super hot summers vs really cold winters) All and all a pretty cool idea I think.
    David Mercer
    AAAA BoD

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    BAP Question

    Lesson 4: A Strain that Breeds True From the MAAH BAP Rules: the strain of fish is established and recognized in the aquarium hobby and will breed true…


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