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Thread: Big African Cichlid Order Plus A Few Other Things

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    Big African Cichlid Order Plus A Few Other Things

    Hey Guys, just got a big shipment in and thought I would share!

    Large Male Africans:

    Ngara Flametail
    Maulana Bicolor 500
    Maylandi Sulferhead
    Benga Yellow
    Swallowtail (These and the Borleyi look especially nice)
    Placidochromis Phenochilus Sapphire Lupingu
    Electric Blue Alhi
    Fenestratus 'Tangerine Tiger'
    Borleyi Red Fin Kandango (These Look Great!)

    Other Africans:

    Taiwan Reef Pairs
    Red Empress Pairs
    Black Calvus F1's
    Wild Caught Cyprichromis Jumpbo 'Lepto' Black Fin Kapembwe
    Placidochromis Phenochilus Sapphire Lupingu Medium Males (Color)
    Enantiopus Melanogenys Zambia (Very Cool)

    Other Stuff:

    Ancistrus 'Super Red' Euro Bred (Very cool and rare)
    Longfin Red White Clouds (don't see these too often)
    Small Regani Pike Cichlids
    Dwarf CPOs
    Large Millineum Rainbows (Few)
    Apistogramma Cacatuodies double red
    Apistogramma Pandurini

    Black Calvus F1s.jpg






    Super Red 1.jpg

    Super Red 2.jpg

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