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Thread: Saltwater Fish and 120g Components

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    Saltwater Fish and 120g Components

    Hello. I am listing the following for sale in three different packages. Please make an offer that includes pickup from Peachtree City area. Pictures or details of any items available upon request. All reasonable offers considered. Consecutive purchase of first two packages preferred:

    Livestock and rock (as a package--must sell first):
    Three banner fish (small, medium, large)
    Two engineer gobies (large)
    One mimic tang (small/medium)
    One Niger trigger (medium)
    One large guinea fowl puffer (large) - has some vision problems
    One cleaner shrimp
    Two peppermint shrimp
    One large hermit crab
    Multiple pieces of rock

    Aquarium equipment (as a package--must sell with fish or second):
    R-200 Eshopps refugium (just installed)
    UV sterilizer (just installed)
    Backup battery air pump
    Jebao DC-9000 return pump
    Coralife super skimmer
    Top off sensor and pump
    Large resevoir container
    Marineland LED light
    Finnex 500W titanium heater with controller
    Five 5g gas cans and low volume filling pump
    RO/DI used for approx. 100 gallons

    Tank and stand - heavy (must sell third or with other packages):
    120g wide glass tank with overflow - located upstairs
    Tall wooden stand - located upstairs

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    Fish price ?

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