Hey Guys, I just wanted to introduce two new programs I’m implementing at Petland Dunwoody.

The First program I’d like to talk about is Fish Bucks. Anytime you buy a fish tank from us, (excluding betta tanks) you will receive $1 towards the purchase of fish for every gallon of tank size. For instance, if you purchase a 55g tank, you will receive $55 in Fish Bucks which can be used for any fish or plants in the store. They will be one time use with no change given for any remainder, so for the bigger tanks we will break them up (e.g. 2x $20 Fish Bucks and 1x $15 Fish Bucks for a 55g)

The Second Program is called Fish Friday. We are now selling Petland “Fish Friday” Shirts for $19.99. By wearing this Shirt into the Store on Friday you gain access to our Fish Friday Sales, which will happen every Friday, and include:
20% off all Fish
Buy 1 get 1 free on all plants
25% off all Decorations (Excludes clearance items)
50% off all Aquarium light bulbs (Excludes clearance items)
You may also take 15% off any regularly priced fish item (once per Friday)
You MUST be wearing your Fish Friday shirt to receive these great deals!

Fish Friday.pdf