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Thread: Moving Sell I have................cah or???/

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    Thumbs Up Moving Sell I have................cah or???/

    I have Tanks a
    20 gallon long with black stand... nice
    60 gallon long with bllack stand...really nice..4ft long by 2ft tall...excellent
    29 gallon tall with brown stand ..fair
    50 gallon with metal stand...good
    55 gallon with metal stand...good
    4 10 gallon with 2 metal stand... fair to excellent..

    light... I have 3 4 ft led light, 1 36 in led light, smaller Led light...... Plus other lights

    Plants? Fish orange cories, frogs, kooli loochies, bristnoses ablino and brown
    I have boxes of filters, therometers, substrate, ornmentments, wood, jade, ect.....
    I will post pictures later or to interested parties..
    open house this weekend for sales... 7 miles past watkinsviile on 15
    Will excempt cash,......also need a motor 1990 honda civic, luggage (carry on checked bag size),TV, stereo,

    See you so...... plus 4 40 gallon breeder tanks free

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    id like a picture of the 60 long. i can take the breeder tanks too, but id like to see picture to to verify size.

    also- where are you located?

    Ill take the orange cories too, and bristlenose pleco. i can do $100 cash. i need a couple led 48" fixtures too.
    Pm me with pictures, or i can give you ,my cell number


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    Do you have a pic of the 36" LED light?

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    He's a little south of Athens
    - Jeremy

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