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Thread: Large Wild Cardinal Tetras

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    Large Wild Cardinal Tetras

    I have about 50 wild Cardinal tetras that have been quarantined for 3 weeks now. Had a 96% survival rate which is pretty good for this type of fish. They are 1"+ and are stunning. Great price only $2.25 / each when you get 10 and $2 each for 20.

    PM me if you are interested and want them delivered Saturday at the Christmas party.

    Thank you,


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    Where are you located? I'm interested in getting a dozen or so and am in Marietta

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    I'm downtown Decatur and have a few left. They are quite large now.


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    Hello Pierre, I am interested in what you have left. I work near Stn Mtn Park...
    770-465-6007 Work 678-327-3365 Cell

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