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Thread: 120 Gallon fish tank with fish (freshwater) - priced to sell - $275 (Newnan)

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    120 Gallon fish tank with fish (freshwater) - priced to sell - $275 (Newnan)

    I have priced my 120 Gallon freshwater tank with stand to sell. It IMG_1510.jpg two HOB filters (AquaClear 110 and PennPlax Cascade 300) and one Aquael internal filter and two 300 watt water heaters. Has river pebbles as gravel.

    It houses Two Adult blood parrots, Seven adult beautiful koi angels and a mature striped gourami, and they are included in the deal.

    Will add brand new shop light with brand new T12 tubes with it, which i bought for it but never used. Also some extra accessories for the HOB filters.

    the dimensions of the tank are 72" x 18" x 23"

    Want to sell the whole package, preferably, as one but will sell separately if need be.

    Can help you load in the back of your truck or minivan (if you take the middle row out).


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    More likely this is a 125 gal. Please add pics of tank/stand.

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    PM sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by canoe View Post
    More likely this is a 125 gal. Please add pics of tank/stand.
    He has a link to a pic in the post above. It is a 125, I know because I sold the tank and stand to him about six months ago. I don't normally like to post on others for sale items but since I have first hand knowledge of this item I am going to. I sold the tank with the stand for $50. The tank was old when I bought it used 6 years ago and it was not in great shape which is why I sold it so cheap.
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    Thanks for the update Larry!

    I told the same thing to the guy who bought it. Pending pickup tomorrow.
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