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    Spring Auction

    Hello everyone,

    I am happy to announce that the Spring Auction will occur on April 17th 2016 at the Windy Hill Community Center. The auction will begin at 11am with registration begging at 10am.

    The Windy Hill Community Center is located at 1885 Roswell St SE, Smyrna, GA 30080. It is about 1.5mi down Windy Hill Rd off I-75 just north of the perimeter.

    We are planning a get together Saturday evening at a nearby restaurant and will be working out a deal with an area hotel for any out of town guest. Information on both of these will be on its way soon.

    Hope to see you all there!
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    Thread: Spring Auction: 04-17-2016 11:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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      Nice to se its close to me.
      Hopefully someone will have some nice shrimp there this year

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      I know another post had mentioned auction advertising. I was just browsing craigslist for all things fish and there's always adds for businesses in the general for sale section. We could probably advertise the auction easily there and in multiple cities. It's free and spamming the craigslisters one a week til auction time would get the word out. Just an idea

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      Actually I remember seeing a Craigslist ad for the fall auction! It was very nicely done, cool flyer; except that it was still up a week later(I missed it!)

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      Any news on the hotel discounts. I need to make reservarions soon.

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      Since the auction is not at a hotel, you might want to make a reservation according to your budget, hotel preference and whatever else you need. I'm a fan of Hotwire, but not everyone wants to deal with their opaque rates.

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      How do we sign up to bid and sell at auction?

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      Sign up sheet usually go online about two weeks prior to the event.

      Volunteer sign up usually go out 3-4 weeks prior; probably next week or this weekend.
      - Jeremy

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      Sign-up for your bidder number is now open.

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      Will there be any Discus at this auction?


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