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Thread: Westies?

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    Maybe I should set them up to breed again. Actually the pair I have are babies I raised from a spawn last year. Mine are in a pretty crowded community tank right now. They are not hard to get to spawn. There are probable more floating around in the club. All of my fry were distributed to other members. I think larry Jenks has some.
    Hmmmm aren't you tired of them yet? Wink wink

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    Sorry Sam. I misunderstood. Jakub is looking for a male albino krib for me. I do plan to breed them too.
    Ron VanZant

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    check . I've had a couple different kribs and jewels (christatus and lifilili which were actually guttatus. Psuedocrenilabrus. nicholsi, but the the male killed the female. They are gorgeous mouthbrooders that should love our water, but they are meaner than mbuna.

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    Try to find some Nanochromis teugelsi. I had some a few years back and they were nice! Here’s one of my males.

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    Keeping several Pelvicachromis currently silvae (have 1/4 " fry ) and subocellatus 2prs no fry yet.Went to an auction in Ohio last month and picked up a young pair of nanochromis parillis and six fry of what was listed as a more red morph of transvestitus All are doing great but probably still a bit young to breed


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