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Thread: Cichlid ID

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    Cichlid ID

    I got a pair of these guys over the weekend but can't manage a clear picture of them. I honestly have no idea what I got, they change their colors a lot especially during feeding times.

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    Looks like two species. One is a geophagus for sure. What's the chubby one?

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    Oh yeah I should have clarified yeah, the chubby ones, I know the goes are surimenis

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    How big are they? They look like some sort of acara (aequidens) to me.

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    About 3 inches

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    I got some more pictures, also another ID question the Krobia was sold to me as a Red Cheek but I think its a guianesis.20160402_014450.jpg20160402_014500.jpg

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    The yellow one with the Orange eyes, blue bottom fins, and black lines?
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    Thank you, and anyone know about the krobia?

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    Yes, I believe you're right they're krobia's mine before I gave them away. You can compare them to yours.


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