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Thread: Plants & Snails

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    Plants & Snails

    I am looking for moderate to low maintenance plants. I'm new to the planted side of aquariums and am trying to fill out multiple tropical tanks from 5-40 gallons. I do not have co2 but I'm not doing too terribly. To give you an idea of what I haven't killed yet, here is what I have scattered around currently:

    dwarf water lettuce
    amazon sword
    aponogeton ulvaceus
    water sprite
    various anubias
    red ludwigia (probably)
    rotala indica (maybe)
    java moss

    I have some corkscrew val and ruffle sword as well but I'm trying desperately to not kill them. They were shipped to me and melted a bit so I don't know if I *technically* have them anymore If there are any mosses other than java that don't need co2, I'd be interested as well.

    Also looking for Malaysian Trumpet snails for some aeration and blue, purple, or jade mystery snails.

    I would love opinions as well for plants that I should be on the hunt for; I'm willing to pick up or pay for shipping if we can work something out. Please message or comment with pictures and pricing. Free is just right in my price range but reasonable prices for the right items are always welcome

    Thank you!

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    Are you coming to the Spring auction next Sunday? If so I can bring you some MTSs. I also have suesswassertang that is impossible to kill and dwarf sags. Where are you located at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garfieldnfish View Post
    I also have suesswassertang that is impossible to kill
    Challenge accepted!

    I am in Snellville and I will have to look into the auction; I'm only a forum member. I would be more than happy to have an excuse to go up to Acworth depending on scheduling. I have never had dwarf sag; do you use it as a carpet (that's how I usually see it) or as small stand alone plants? How will they thrive in a non-co2 tank? I have started osmocote and have been dosing flourish/leaf zone. I cut out liquid co2 because of the melting.

    Thank you for the response and your generosity!

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