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Thread: Nerite snails and assassin snails - trade for pink ramshorn?

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    Nerite snails and assassin snails - trade for pink ramshorn?

    I have a ton of nerite snails for free. I have 5 olive nerites, some zebras, tiger nerites, and horned nerite snails. I want to keep about five in my tank, so you can't take my favorites, sorry! I also have two assassin snails that I removed from my tank for fear that they'd consume all of my nerites. They are in a snail jail and are being supplied with pond snails and fresh water changes. However, I think they'd be much happier hunting in a larger tank. I can also throw in some brownish "cherry" shrimp if you could use them. If you've got any pink ramshorns, I'd appreciate it! I think those guys look pretty cool!

    Unfortunately I can't deliver; you'll need to pick up. I live in Decatur on the square. I'll be available all day Tue - Thur! Just tell me how many nerites you want and I'll have them in a container for you.

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    PM sent

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    I think I got one or two wandering my planted tank

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    PM Sent for your consideration

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