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Thread: Let's see everyone's latest tank set ups!

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    I don't have a lot of experience with Bettas but I would assume that given their size, they'd have a feast on the shrimp. Shrimp really love having java moss, but just as a warning it will grow alot and needs trimmings (which can be sold at the auctions). You'll always be rearranging, especially as you add on additional tanks :)

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    Yeah I'm going to mess around with it. I really just want stemmed planets because I can place rocks around it for the nice feng shui look it provides, that accompanies the look of the bamboo. Trying to go for an Asian-esque look for my tank which is why I wanted the beta :(

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    Doesn't count really, but terrarium native biotope of the gold branch section of the Chattahoochee. Includes fissidens moss, tooth worts, baby tears, fern, smoky quartz, metagraywacke, sweet gum bark. Just a little project with the youngest on the water cycle and biotopes.

    We also collected at the site some water celery, and put it in the pond with native coontails. We observed stoneroller minnows active swimming despite it being in the 30's. Will try to get moss to grow submersed. Will blend and attach to lava rock and also tie to knitting canvas and let float for a while.

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    Nice! Fissidens is native to the chattahoochee?? Huh

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    There are a few species under the genus in GA. I think most notably is Appalachian fissidens, but I think what I have is not the Appalachian species.

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    image.jpg This is my grow out tank. It's a marineland 110g with 20g sump. I'm running 2 canister filters (fx6 and I can't remember then other one) current USA t5.

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    Pretty fish but how do you get them to swim upside down. That turquoise is really good looking.

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    Working on on the new tank for the discus. It's a drilled 180g 😊😊

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    (I cleaned the glass right after this pic I promise.)

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    This was what my 16 gallon used to look like before the plants died off... I'm currently working on getting it planted again, but in the mean time, it's being used to house my rare/oddball fish, mainly my gobies, as I'm probably the same way with gobies as aXio is plecos... Current stock is 3 (1m 2f) Caronotetradon irrubesco, 5 Corydoras undulatus "Argentina", 1 Sicyopus zosterophorus, 3 Rhinogobius maxillivirgatus, and 3 Stiphodon annieae. All of these fish are rare to some degree, outside of the sicyopus, which simply isn't commonly kept. The Corydoras are extremely rare, and the Rhinogobius and Stiphodon practically don't exist in the aquarium trade, as the Stiphodon weren't discovered until 2014, and the Rhinogobius were only described in 2018. I'd estimate that there are likely less than 50 of each the Rhinogobius and the Stiphodon in the United States.


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