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Thread: Angelfish Breeding Pair for sale

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    Angelfish Breeding Pair for sale

    Hello, I'm currently looking to sell my breeding pair of angelfish. One is a Gold Pearl Scaled (male I believe) and the other is a female Marbled. I've had the male for over a year and he is rather large, the female I've had for about 8 months and is about 20% smaller than the male. It took me some time to realize that they were breeding. The first time I simply thought the eggs they had laid were algae, so when they disappeared a few days later i had assumed my pleco had taken care of it. The second time they laid eggs i only noticed because I was bitten by both parents multiple times while attempting to use my gravel vacuum. I then noticed the wrigglers on the roof of the house in my tank. The fry made it to the swimmer stage, but unfortunately were in a communal tank with other fish, and although my angels tried, 2 against 15 are hard odds to overcome. I've since purchased a tank and moved the angels into that one to protect any more fry they might lay, but the tank is too small for anything longer than a temporary home. Unfortunately being a full time college student and athlete I don't have the time, space, or money required to raise a clutch of eggs, which is what led me here.

    If you're interested in the pair please email me at I can provide pictures of the two and proof of their fry upon request. price upon email request, price is very negotiable
    -Jake Stickler

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    Female is a Black Marbled Angelfish, sorry for the mistake.

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