• 06-30-2016
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    July meeting?

    Is there one and when?
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    Thread: July meeting?: 06-30-2016

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      I know I don't always remember to check the website...

      July 23 (Saturday) - Brianna Mercer - Taking the Plunge: Venturing into Aquariums atPremier Aquatics
      August 13 (Saturday) - DETAquarium, How to Keep and Breed Shrimp
      September 17 (Saturday) - TBA
      October 2 (Sunday) -
      Fall Auction (Windy Hill Community Center)
      November 19 (Saturday) - Butch Livingston
      December 3 (Saturday) - Holiday Party at Athens Pizza

      Location on August is TBD

      What happens at Fernbank is out of the control of the BoD. The Fernbank that we were/are meeting at is a part of the local Dekalb County School System. They do not get a lot of funding, the people are not well paid, and most of them are serving out the last years of their thirty year career before their Teacher Retirement kicks in. In short, they do not care; your priorities are not their priorities; and their schedule is their schedule. As such, any school function that decides to "use the lab tomorrow" on Friday afternoon trumps a fish club meeting that has been scheduled for six months... and we will be in the bird room, or the bookcases behind the Apollo capsule. Fernbank is closed on some first Saturdays of the month. No force in heaven nor earth would have opened the building July 2nd. AAAA has worked around these quirks for the past couple years, but it is becoming increasingly difficult. The state is cutting school funding again this year, for 8 straight years. My county, because it has done the absolute best at managing it's funds for the past decade, is getting ZERO dollars from the state this year. Dekalb is in a similar boat. You can expect the situation at Fernbank to continue to decline.
      - Jeremy

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      Closing this thread to avoid confusion with the primary meeting thread that was just posted.

      July 23rd 1:30pm at Premier Aquatics!

      Click here for new thread
      David Mercer
      AAAA BoD


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