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Thread: loaches and gobies

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    loaches and gobies

    I am planning on converting a few tanks and need to sell some of the fish that I have in them.

    I've got a group of 5-6 of the false panda loaches (plesiomyzon baotingensis) that I would sell for $20.

    i also have a pair of reticulated hill stream loaches that is take $5 for

    and a group of 6-8 kuhli loaches that I would do for $15.

    i also have 2 female rhinogobius zhoui that I am trying to part with. $5 a piece of I would be happy to give them away to someone who buys one of the other groups of fish.

    all of these prices are for the whole group (except for the gobies). I'm mainly interested in getting them to a good home/aquarium. Let me know if you're interested!!!
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    Those panda loaches are actually the real thing - Protomyzon pachychilus

    The False Panda Loach has at least four bands on the body, and then a fifth going through the eye. Real Panda Loaches have three bands on the body with one SHARED by the eye, and then a fourth on the nose. Both can be a yellowish/tan color, and brown bands instead of black. Real Panda Loaches just get "dull" like that before changing into the adult coloration, where as false pandas are that color during their entire juvenile life.

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