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Thread: 4 x 29 Gallon with stand, lights, and filters

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    4 x 29 Gallon with stand, lights, and filters

    I don't have room in the Florida house for these tanks, and they won't survive long outside (they're on a wood stand). Set of 4 x 29 gallon tanks (30” x 12” x 18”) on wooden stand. The stand is 72” long by about 32” high by 15” deep. With tanks, lights and filters, it measures 72” long by 55” high by 19” deep. The stand has a built in storage drawer underneath.

    Each tank includes an Aqua Clear AC70 filter, substrate, glass cover (though the hinges are separated), magnetic cleaner, heater, and compact fluorescent 30” hood that houses 2 x 65 watt compact fluorescent bulbs. These were used as planted tanks, but do not include the CO2 tank or connections. The intake on each filter has a hole for inserting the CO2 hose if planted tanks are desired. These items are not new, but are in good condition.

    I am asking $200 for the whole package. You can pick it up, or I can deliver it all to the auction. I think you can see pictures here:

    29 Gallon empty [640x480].jpg29 gallon plants.jpg

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    This is a great deal. Someone should snap it up quickly...
    The 'other' Larry

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    Correction.... This is an insane deal. I wish I was ready to set back up! I've spent plenty of time in front of these at past BBQs and they have always been gorgeous.

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    If be divorced. Sad face.

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    is that the best price you take

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    Yes, I think that is fair.

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    I have just buy my new 29 gallon aquarium kit. I'm finding some aquatic plants for my tank.

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    This sweet setup has been sold!


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