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Thread: Aquarium LED lighting

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    Aquarium LED lighting

    I recently picked up a 47.5 gallon tank with a canopy. The existing lighting is old and missing parts so I'd like to remove it and upgrade to LEDs. I have exactly 36.5 inches from edge to edge inside the canopy. I'd like to go with a 36 inch light, but I'm worried there won't be enough room depending on the model they have cords coming out of ends or the display and timer is on the end etc. Anyone know of some 36 inch fixtures that might work? I'd be grateful for some measurements from those of you who have them.


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    Since you have a canopy, maybe a DIY option? I've never done it, but it looks fairly easy.


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    Inspired LED

    They have assorted brightnesses (how many LEDs per inch) running from $5/ft (normal) to $9/ft (double row ultra bright) for a flexible strip.

    You give them the color, brightness, and length; they cut it and install a power jack on either end. Add in a power cord, and if you want one, a power switch.

    Or go fancy, get the two port switch, and have a string of blue and a string of white so you can have night lighting.

    The flexible strips have holes for wood screws, can be stapled, or you can use the adhesive backing if it is a plastic hood.

    I stapled a 48" strand of ultra bright cool white 6500k to my homemade, wood hood on my 75 and plugged it in three years ago. I have never turned it off. No problems.

    It will grow amazon swords, java fern, java moss, and other similar low light plants.
    - Jeremy

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    [QUOTE=HN1;72252]Since you have a canopy, maybe a DIY option? I've never done it, but it looks fairly easy.

    ex:[/QUOTE This does look like a neat setup, it's kind of pricey though. I was hoping to be a little cheaper price wise than that. Maybe it's the route I need to go though, I'm not opposed to DIY at all I'm not sure if I want to drop that kind of money just yet.

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    Do I need to know what type of fish tank do you have? I am using the LED plus light for my aquarium since two years and it gives me the best performance. You can use this and after that, you understand the difference between 36-inch aquarium light and LED plus light.

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    Good morning.

    I currently have 30 watt diy led flood light set up on my planted tank, it works well. The down side of using high lights in planted tanks, your plants will need more fertilizer and co2. I think three led lights would work well for you, considering they will be suspended in your canopy. This is the link for the led flood light, also the lights are inexpensive compared to regular aquarium lights.


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