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Thread: Ramshorn Snail - Bargain!

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    Ramshorn Snail - Bargain!

    10 for 2$. I can sell probably 30-40. These will range in size from .5cm to 3cm across, though they get up to an inch or so when fully grown. Mixture of red and brown varieties. All are very healthy and are breeding happily in planted tanks. Ramshorn are great for an aquarium. They do not eat live plants, but will clear up rotting or dying vegetation. They also make great snacks for puffers, cichlids, etc. In most tanks it's also quite easy to stop them from overpopulating- just feed them less and they'll stop laying eggs. They're fun to watch and breeding is a snap for those interested in messing with genetics. Or just buy them as a snack for your other fishies :)
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