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Thread: Breeding corydoras panda

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    Breeding corydoras panda

    I have 4 in a ten gallon planted tank with a male betta. All have been happily together for over a year and I cannot for the life of me get them to breed. I've read that feeding bloodworms helps, but they have no interest in eating the worms. I always do water changes with cold/room temperature water and still nothing. Anyone have an tried and true suggestions? I would really like some baby pandas...

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    It's possible you may have four of the same sex. That's usually the fish keepers luck

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    I was wondering if that was the case... Two of the four are considerably larger though, so I'm hoping they're females. I've read that you can sex them by looking at their pectoral fins, but I keep them on white sand so it's really difficult to get a clear look at those, and in any case on of them has no pectoral fins at all ( this can be a born deformity I guess). Oh well.. Maybe I'll just have to acquire a male/female pair from someone else and then at least I'll know I have one of each.

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    males look like running backs, females like lineman. Females much broader for their size than males. May have to catch them and look down on them from above. Easier to sex from above. They spawn in plants or a sinking killie mop, not on the glass. Not big spawns either.

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