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Thread: Thoughts?

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    You guys are really glossing over the part where it is a phone app, not something you can open in web browser.

    That's how you end up paying $120 for "the box the canister filter came in", when you though you were ordering the filter.
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    It sounds like they are acting as an Escrow service and Insurance agent or provider:

    We also provide shipping insurance, to secure the seller and the buyer. And even if the carrier will refuse to pay up your insurance claim, we will refund 100% of all such unsuccessful transactions.
    All for a fee I'm sure.

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    I don't see anything here that is new or special... so pretty much they are an escrow service... proper sellers should "escrow" any sales on their own until the sale is fully finalized and or the replacement/warranty period has past anyway. That is just smart selling... Why pay some one a fee to hold the money for you...
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