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Thread: Plants from Premier Aquatics

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    Plants from Premier Aquatics

    Jakub, is there an easy way we can look to see what plants y'all can get or we just have to see what plants y'all have at the moment?

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    Not really honestly. If there is something specific you are looking for, or a group of plants (ex stems, anubias, etc) I will gladly list out what we currently have for you. We order plants in just about every single week, they typically get here on Thursdays, so Fridays and Saturdays are the best days to come to the store for plant shopping. Between our loose bare root plants and our new tissue culture plants we can get just about any plants available on the market. The Bucephalandra plants are still pretty hard to get in this area along with a handful of other plants.

    Plants are a bit picked through currently as it is Tuesday and the end of the month. We will be getting a new shipment in Friday this week I believe. Liz does all the ordering so I don't know what she ordered for this week just yet. We are also more then willing to special order in specific plants if we don't normally stock it.
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