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Thread: January Meeting Winter Weather- CANCELLED

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    January Meeting Winter Weather- CANCELLED

    ATTENTION! With the chance of snow sneaking into our forecast for Friday/Saturday, please regularly check our Facebook page or our forum as we get closer to the event for up-to-date information about our meeting this Saturday, Jan 7. We will post info for you as it becomes available to us. Fingers and fins crossed!
    David Mercer
    AAAA BoD

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    Lol wasn't this what happened last year for the January meeting?? Let's hope this one Doesn't get canceled!

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    It is exactly the same thing. We seem to be cursed in January. Hopefully the forecasts will improve on the County will not close the facility. Stay tuned!

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    Need to remember that we have Larry driving down from Raleigh. I don't know when he would be driving down, but a real shame for the county to close up and cancel us after he has driven down. Really need to keep him in the loop. Wasn't it last year that everything closed up and cancel and nothing happened. No snow, not even real cold?

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    Brianna is in touch with Larry and we're definitely going to keep his drive in mind while weighing decisions. And yes, last year the call was for doom and gloom and nothing ever really developed. The County agencies tend to make the decisions early and we're really at they're mercy. That said, as much as I would like to maintain our schedule and not lose a meeting, I'd hate for anyone to be compromised to or from the meeting because of weather conditions. We will wait and see. Hopefully the forecast firms up one way or another today and tomorrow.

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    ATTENTION!!!!! In light of the threat for frozen precipitation increasing, the Jan 7 AAAA meeting is CANCELLED. We are rescheduling Larry Jinks and will let you know the exact date soon.
    David Mercer
    AAAA BoD

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    Bummer. Haven't been to the last couple of meetings due to moving and was planning on starting the year out right. I think this is the right decision though.
    Larry Bugg
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    Thanks for the heads up on the cancellation. Since I drive for over an hour and WSB radio keeps saying please do not be on the roads on Saturday, I'll just go get gas for my generator - just in case. I'll just keep looking for the update on the re-scheduling. Stay warm and safe everyone.


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    I sent out a notice to the membership of the meeting cancellation.

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    I saw it first on the google calendar. Very nice touch.


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