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Thread: Co2 advice...

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    Co2 advice...

    Hey! I've done planted tanks before, but never used a co2 system. I'm doing research, but would like to get info from real people. What would y'all suggest for a beginner? Diy or store bought system? Best places to purchase? Where to get refills if I get a co2 tank? I'm open to all info! Thanks!

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    I started with pressurized co2. I got my regulator custom built by AlanLe (you can find him on green leaf aquariums also sells good regulators.I use an atomic inline diffuser but there are several ways to get co2 into the water. I use airgas for my co2 tanks and refills. There is one here in lawrenceville and another in cumming i believe.
    I would say get a good dual stage regulator or a decent single stage and a PH controller if you can afford it. I would check out to see all of the different diffusers and reactors people are using.Some people like using a drop checker to gauge the amount of CO2 dissolved in the tank,but i prefer to us a PH controller because it reads instantly and is more accurate.

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    I'm currently just using medium light with Excel and haven't had an immediate need to jump up to C02 and I'm satisfied with the current results. I was planning to get a tank at Airgas in Atlanta and a regulator on eBay, hoping to pick up sundry parts and equipment at auction or trade. I couldn't justify the cost of a kit for one of these small tanks I have planted, but it would be nice to know everything to get started is there. I understand Premier Aquatics to do refills on any type tank.

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    York1 pretty much covers it. I've not used Airgas in a long time, but they used to have you swap tanks and they were steel. I bought an aluminum tank from an online honme brewing store and I get my tank refilled at a brew store near the mall in Alpharetta. Trying to build your own regulator is PITA assembling all the parts and doesn't save much money. Greenleaf makes a great regulator but they are not cheap. The Milwaukee regulator is reasonable at a good price (I have a used one I can sell for $40). the Milwaukee controller is reasonably priced (if you shop around) and I have had no problems with it.


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