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Thread: Melon Sword Flower/Runner

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    Melon Sword Flower/Runner

    I've got a red melon sword that threw a fast growing runner, about 20" in a week (you can watch the thing grow its so fast). The bud is now emersed but does not have any roots off it yet. There is another bud on the stem that's still immersed but also no roots.

    I'm new to plants, and this sword is too pretty for me to kill, so I have a couple stupid questions:

    Can I clip it now and attach it back into the tank for it to continue to grow?

    If the bud opens and forms roots emersed, will it need to transition when attached immersed?

    If it flowers, do they stink (and can it still be planted)? (We have some tropical trees that we have to remove the flower on because its horrendous)

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    You do not want to clip the flower until it blooms and dies, whereupon it will produce a small plant, with roots. Once the small plant has plenty of roots, you can clip it and plant it in the gravel. The flower under water and the flower above water will probably both produce plants, and you can plant all the plants under water. If you clip the flower now, it won't continue to grow, it will die. Let it be, it will die on its own and new plants will sprout. You don't need to transition it, just plant it.

    The flowers do not stink. If you didn't see the flowers you wouldn't even know they are there. I have had plenty of flowers, and never noticed a smell. Perhaps if you get close enough?

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    Many thanks, I'll wait for it to finish doing it's thing before I mess with it. I've left it immersed by snaking it under suction cups. It's about 2.5ft long with 5 buds. One is starting to flower and throw roots. Such a cool plant.


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