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Thread: HAP Program

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    HAP Program

    Is the HAP program still running? If so who is administering?

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    Also interested in this. Is there a form like for BAP?

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    There is a form, but not sure if it's being tracked and awarded. I'd like to see something like ABC or demand based competition to get more sought after plants at the meets.

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    The HAP program is still running though it has lost some steam recently. It is currently being run by Frank Paul and Ken Seiders. We will be working to reinvigorate HAP in the near future.

    Hmmmm... maybe a PQR (Plants Quite Requested) program to stay with the alphabetical theme. :)

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    I'll tag some bags for HAP. :)

    I think a guppy grass etc "contest" would complement ABC. And with the loss of steam and to keep easy introductory plants on the monthly auction table it might be fun to have a less formal PQR running alongside the prestigious HAP program.

    Being new to plants I'd like to "grow" into that side of the hobby more economically than heavily planting a new tank at retail. Also awarding those routinely bringing in high demand, low availability, plants to the club would be great and could be a good profit center.

    In any case I like being able work towards a goal. I'm glad the program still around, I didn't want to write up the form if it wasn't still going.

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    There is still a HAP program. Though you don't hear from me as often, I still administer the program. Unfortunately, I was forced to move to sunny Florida and retire in a forest surrounded by water. It is a sad story. But, you can still submit the HAP sheets to me (the e-mail address is on the sticky where you can also find the rules and form to be completed). I still get mail at that address (, and am guarding the HAP data sheets with great care! One day, someone will step up and be the new person, but until then, I am keeping track of it. I have grown many plants, and agree that being able to provide many various plants to the club was both rewarding and satisfying.

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    We sure miss Ken's oversized bags of plants at the auctions.


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