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Thread: Fish ID Please

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    Fish ID Please

    So I bought a trio of these from a LFS. I bought them as I was told they were one fish. I soon there after I realized they were NOT the fish I had hoped they were. Any ideas on what they are? I am pretty sure I need to get rid of them but I can't without knowing... :-/

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    Do you have a pic with a bit more light? Are there any markings on the anal or pelvic fins like dots or stripes? Is the stripe on the side just in the pic or does it have a continuous stripe down it? about what size, I think it looks to be 3" but I might be wrong

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    Lighting is some what bad. It appears to be some specie of Melanochromis

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    It's an SA tank so it's tannin tinted. This the bad pic. Someone else said a melanochromis species on FB. There is an orange/yellow on the tip of the dorsal, anal fin and edges of caudal fin.

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    They aren't very big. Tank pic for comparison.

    Buckets were because I was dripping in auction fish yesterday.

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    Fin color:

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    What LFS was it, what did they say it was?

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    It was one of the LFS in Athens. I bought them very small. Was told they were a dwarf cichlid. I didn't really see them until I got home and immediately told my husband that I thought they were Africans. That was a few months ago. They are growing fast. I've already had my male nannacara anomala and my big spotted golden nugget pleco not only turn up dead but with barely any of their bodies left. I blame the triplets.

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    Ok, I will throw in the first guess.

    Salvin's cichlid (Trichromis salvini)
    - Jeremy


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