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Thread: Fish ID Please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Bugg View Post
    I should have added that I bet your tds is very low also. Mine is a beautiful 62.
    We are on well and our TDS out of tap fluctuates but right this second it's 124.

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    Id love to have a well. I wouldn't have to hear about how my water changes drive up the water bill (but it's ok to do extra water on the lawn) haha. It's probably a mile long drill down to my aquifer.

    Hillstream or Discus would be my on the well tanks. Though being lazy I'd probably try to drip them and let the overflow drain outside

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    I was the one on FB who said it was African. Shape isn't right for any SA species. Color is off though for most Africans so still has me stumped.

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    Even as not keeping Africans it looks like an African lake cichlid. Maybe take it out and take a picture in clear water with strong light?

    You could also try posting it on the AfricanCichlidHub forum they're a nice group

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    Ok so I'm at the end of my rope. I just got home and my biggest and longest owned geophagus surinamensis is half dead, missing an eye, multiple scales. Just about every other fish in there has ragged fins. I'm pissed. I was going to flush them but my husband calmed me down on the phone. Here's the problem. I can't catch them in my tank. They are usually all out in about but now they are scarce. It's like they know that they are in trouble. Maybe I'm crazy but here's my stock: electric blue scars pair, nannacara anomala, geophagus surinamensis, schwartzi corys, herotilapia multispinosa, krobia itanyi, small spot golden nugget pleco. The rainbows fins look the worst but everyone has bites on them. It has to be the Africans right? I'm so mad right now...

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    I'd blame them. Can you set a trap with the net and flush them in with your hand? Or net them when feeding?

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    I'm thawing some bloodworms right now. I'm getting these f%#*^ers out even if I have to tear my tank apart. I put my geo in a refugium but he just passed. I don't think I've ever cussed out fish before. Enough is enough though. Fish murder #3. No body is spawning and there's no aggression that I see. It's weird because last night I felt uneasy about turning off the tank lights for bed. I didn't examine everything before I left this morning. I wish I had. My OG geo, Geoff might still be alive.

    I'm not immune to fish dying because of aggression. I've had plenty of large SA cichlids (about 12 years ago I had a small jack kill my 12" beautiful jag rip) and I understand that it's nature but that's not what this particular tank is about. Ugh!

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    It's hard losing fish, especially in a docile tank. I'd get them out and try to rehome them on the forum or trade to the lfs for store credit for new fish.

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    Fish ID Please


    Ok, after completely dismantling and removing everything from the 125g we caught the triplets and put them in a 10g in the fish room. This was several days ago but I just now got around to posting. Two of them stay striped and one stays solid.

    Side note: all fish in the 125g are happy, not hiding, all fins and wounds are healing.

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    i want to say crabro but i think its got too much black in the tail. im sure someone here can resolve this mystery with that pattering showing, i want answers too haha


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