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Thread: Fish ID Please

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    I have not kept any Mbuna in years, but those are definitely Mbuna (type of Africa Cichlid from Lake Malawi). Look to be a Psuedotropheus of some type (Melanachromis were initially part of Psuedotropheus and were broken out). Psuedotropheus is truly just a holding class which are meant to be reclassified at some point. Last picture with the bars showing looks to be a Bumble Bee (cannot remember the exact scientific name for that one) while the first 2 still look to be a Melanachromis type of fish.

    Bottom line, these guys all have attitudes, one of the main reason I haven't kept them in awhile. Other Africans like the Haplochromis, Aulonocara (Peacocks), and the cichlids from Lake Tanganyika are not as aggressive. I have never really gotten into the Victorian cichlids, so I will defer comment on them.

    Hope this helps.

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    Please keep in mind that is has been over 25 years since I last kept Mbuna. The triplets of terror look like they might be Mbuna hybrids, I had some cross mingle in a fully rocked out 40 long and the results were all kind of muddy and nondescript looking like these. My vote is Frankenfish.

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    Melenachromis aurautus, mean as hell, either go with an mbuna tank or get rid of them
    An empty tank is a terrible thing to waste


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