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Thread: 75 Gallon planted build

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    75 Gallon planted build

    This thread will follow my 75 gallon build. It will hopefully be full of pictures and I'm sure it will also have a lot of questions from me.

    I picked up a used 75 gallon non drilled tank and stand from a member of the Atlanta Reef Club.. I also got an eheim classic 350 with the tank and stand. I bought a 48" Current Freshwater plus LED light. I am hoping this light will be enough to have a heavily planted tank. If I need to I can add one or two T5HO retro fit lights in the front of the tank for carpeting plants. I will be using Seachem flourish and flourish excel.

    The stand was not as high as I would have liked and the hood that came with it did not offer the access that I wanted. All that meant it was time to make some modification. I made some changes to the hood so it would sit down on the stand. Then I made a base out of 2x10s that I trimmed down so that the tank now sits 8.5 inches higher. Dropped the old hood over the riser and added a little trim.

    Now that I repurposed the hood next on the todo list was to make a new hood.

    I think I made the hood to tall. I may take 2-3 inches off of the height of the hood. Then I have some more trim to add to the hood to dress it up a little. Then it will be time for a few coats of white paint.

    Thanks for looking and I welcome any advice or comments.

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    Great start. I really like that stand. What type of fish are you aiming to keep?

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    Very creative solution. Looks like you are off to a fine start.

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    I know I want a few rainbows particular boesemani rainbows. Then it will probably be smaller schooling fish. I like the look of having 2-3 larger fish and a couple big schools of smaller stuff. I like the look of chili rasboras and celestial pearl danios, but I don't know much about their care and needs.

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    Awesome. Watching !!!😃

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    Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been busy and traveling some. I still have some work to do on the stand and canopy. I did have some time this weekend to visit Premier Aquatics. They had some really nice pieces of drift wood, I picked up a few pieces and one piece of rock. I think it's gonna make a good looking aquascape.

    Sorry for the duplicate post, I meant to post it here the first time.

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    Finish the canopy tonight. I cut it down to 12 inches tall and added the trim molding. Now it just needs sanding and paint. Then I need to figure out what substrate I am going to use and fill it with water

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    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

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    Following closely.
    ..v nice start indeed

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