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Thread: BAP Articles

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    BAP Articles

    I was just reading the BAP guidelines and realized there is an option to write articles to get extra points. Is there a time frame in which BAP articles must be submitted? Do they need to be turned in with the forms or within a month or some other time frame? I'm pretty sure I have missed for my past entries but it will be good to know going forward.
    David Mercer
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    In the way back, articles were turned in with the BAP form. That said, I don't know that there is a time limit to submit. BAP Chairman's call... I'd love to see more articles for Fish Talk and future web content personally.


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    Len is right . In the past it wasn't unusual to get an article turned in with the BAP submission. David would appreciate the content for Fish Talk and it is a great way to share the breeding knowledge with members.
    I don't see why an article can't be turned in later. Just let me know so the piece can be referenced to your submission and you get proper credit.

    This makes me wonder how many members are fully aware of the program. Now that we have the basics going again it might be time to do a pitch for the program at a meeting or two and something similar in Fish Talk.


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