I believe the hard shell is red eared slider or a Cooter, (have to catch it and check) . The soft shell is an Apalone mutica. I've had them for about 3 years. They've been living in a covered 300 gallon pond outside. They have a large (4'x2.5') floating island which I can provide with them. They MUST be kept in an enclosed area to protect them from escape and protect them from predators such as opossums or raccoons. Last year I put some small comet goldfish in their pond for company and they thought they were quite tasty.

When kept outside they will go the the bottom of the pond and go dormant during the winter. It's early spring so the hardshell is more active than the soft shell which prefers warmer temperatures and tends to be more shy. Asking $10.00 each, just want them to have a good home. We plan to sell our home in the coming year so the ponds must be filled in.