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Thread: 27 Gal tote at Home Depot $7

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    27 Gal tote at Home Depot $7

    Home Depot has this tote for sale for $7. These are pretty sturdy, and a great price. It may be in-store only.
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    my wife has bought over 150 of these. She uses the for scrub she takes to sales

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    Thanks for sharing! Will be grabbing a few today :)

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    They may be back at regular price now.

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    Home depot is currently on sale I saw some ads on facebook a few days ago, you guys better check it out.

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    I bought 3 at Costco for the same price a few weeks ago. Good sturdy containers.

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    My local Home Depot raised the price back to $12 the day after I posted, so I did not buy any. If anyone locates them at a Home Depot for $7, let me know. I would check Costco, but I'm not a member.

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    They're 12 in Marietta too


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