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Thread: 2 Turtles, a Hard shell and a soft shell

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    2 Turtles, a Hard shell and a soft shell

    I have 2 turtles that I've had since they were a little bigger than a silver dollar (about 4 years now). They have been living outside in their 300 gallon insulated, pond with a 2' x 4' floating island. The walled pond has a chicken wire cover to protect them from predators. During the winter they go to the bottom and remain dormant. They are not very tame because I've never been able to spend enough one to one time with them. I'm only asking $10.00 each for them because I'm more concerned that they go together to a good home.

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    The Skipper & Gilligan have found a new home.

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    Did they finally found a new home?


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