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Thread: Cherry shrimp

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    Cherry shrimp

    selling my cherry shrimp as i have lots and wish to get different varieties of color shrimp. I am looking to sell 10 for $20 or willing to trade for other shrimp, ram/dwarf cichlids, bristle nose plecos, possibly other just let me know what you have. Send me a pm if interested. Thanks! I can send pics if wanted.
    (Finally got a pic to upload)
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    I have a solid 50 left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zackery View Post
    I have a solid 50 left.
    How much would you ask for the 50?

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    Whats your offer?

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    I have about 30 left! First $50 gets them all!

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    Still have the 30 left! Just $50 and I can meet or deliver close by!


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