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Thread: Custom Aquarium Stand

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    Custom Aquarium Stand

    Does anyone on here make custom aquarium stands?

    I need something that will support a 55 gallon tank, is affordable, and not too heavy. Dimensions should be approximately 50 x 16. Please pm me with a quote.

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    Can't help you with one, but people who do custom cabinetry can make them. We had one done as a built in cabinet. 10 yrs later still in great shape.

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    custom = not affordable, usually

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    I would check over at There are a few people over there that could probably help you out. Unless you are looking for something real fancy it's not to hard to build something yourself.

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    If Lowes will cut the wood for me, then I can probably put something together. I just don't trust the Petco/Petsmart stands.

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    The particle board stands are okay unless/until you get them wet. Long-term in a fish room, they can sag and warp from the humidity. Search DIY aquarium stands on youtube or on other forums. There are free plans and tutorials to be had. I recommend 4" or 6" star-bit deck screws. Since a 55 is about the most common size, check Craigslist and other fish forums for used stands. How pretty do you need it to be?

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    I want something that looks kinda like this. There is an awesome custom stand on Craigslist, but it weighs 173 pounds. I need something lighter, since my floor may not support that much weight.Screenshot_2017-04-20-03-08-42.png
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    I would not trust Lowes/homedepot to cut the wood. They will not pay enough attention to make sure each piece is the same size. If you just want something like what's in the picture I'm sure someone on Atlanta Reef Club could make it for you. Or I could possible help you build a simple stand if you don't need it to be too pretty.

    What part of town are you in?

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    If your floor wont support a 173 pound stand, how is it going to support a 75 gallon tank filled with water? (750 lbs ++ )
    The 'other' Larry

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    I can make the stand for you.

    P.S. To Pete, I have the last of those trim pieces for the 500-gallon stand ready for a while now.

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