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Thread: Custom Aquarium Stand

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    Quote Originally Posted by Igster View Post
    I can make the stand for you.

    P.S. To Pete, I have the last of those trim pieces for the 500-gallon stand ready for a while now.
    That would be awesome! How much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by caricell View Post
    If your floor wont support a 173 pound stand, how is it going to support a 75 gallon tank filled with water? (750 lbs ++ )
    Sorry, I was talking about the total weight load. The most I will have on the stand will be 55 gallons, if that.

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    Actually, something like that is easier on your floor than a iron stand with four little feet or a particle board stand with just two narrow uprights. Unless your house is not up to any modern code, what you care about is weight/area, not total weight. A square frame spreads out the force.

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    It looks like someone purchased the stand on Craigslist. The stand was custom designed to fit a specific 95 gallon saltwater tank, and it was a beautiful piece of furniture. Maybe I should have grabbed it, since it was only $150.00. I just thought that it would be too big and heavy. I also have to carry it up 3 flights of stairs.
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    Igster has been kind enough to build a stand for me! Thank you for all your help!!!

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