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Thread: Plecos

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    Any L-Number, just PM me with size, price, and the L-Number.


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    Just sent you a pm

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    I have a good selection of L-Number plecos at the store right now.

    You are welcome to call and see what is available. Stocking can change from day to day. We order in new freshwater fish 2-3 times a week.
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    I have L066, roughly an inch long, TANK RAISED (I bred them myself). Going for $35 each. Only 6 of them left available though.

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    I have bristlenose plecos. Brown and albino. Brown are split gene. Both are roughly 1".

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    I have some standard and long finned bushy nosed plecos (dad is a standard finned brown pleco and mom is is long finned albino pleco). They are readily eating flake food, frozen blood worms, baby brine shrimp and zucchini. Their bodies look like the brown pleco, the tails are black fringed with white. I am in the east Cobb area.


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