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Thread: New Here!!

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    New Here!!


    I've just joined the club. I have recently gotten back in to the hobby after a very long hiatus. When I was 9 years old, I was enamored with Jacques Cousteau and wanted to be an oceanographer. So much so, that I walked into the local pet shop and insisted that they hire me. They did for $1/hour. I also negotiated my supplies at cost. Anyhow, life took me a different direction. We had some friends move recently and they gave me a 55 gallon tank.

    I've got it set up with tropical fish now. We have golden gouramis (mating pair and I have a brood already), three-spot gourami, tiger barbs, clown loaches, rainbow sharks, rosy barbs, cory cat, and zebra danios.

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    Welcome back to the hobby and to the club. We've got a meet coming up may 6. I've just started getting more interested in some those species, bring some fry to a mini auction at a meet!

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    Grats on the brood!

    Welcome to the forums!
    - Jeremy

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    Welcome aboard and congrats!

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