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Thread: Parachromis 8.5" Female RTM & 7.5" Male Loiselle

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    Parachromis 8.5" Female RTM & 7.5" Male Loiselle

    Focusing on Amphilophus - these are great fish if you are interested. The RTM is about 2 years old and is gentle for Motaguense - not sure where she originally came from. The Loiselle is about a year and is from Cichlids of the Americas. I will trade for female Amphilophus. Mota 7-19-16.jpgLoiselle 3 9-21-2016.jpg

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    Forgot to put price - asking $25 for each OBO - or trade for female Amphilophus (Chancho, Amarillo, Barred or creamsicle Midas).

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    RTM still for sale, Loiselle has been sold

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    I would be interested in the moto
    An empty tank is a terrible thing to waste


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