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Thread: Amphilophus (Chancho, Amarillo, Barred or Colored Midas) local source

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    Amphilophus (Chancho, Amarillo, Barred or Colored Midas) local source

    Does anyone know of a place or person that sells purebred Amphilophus? Or do you have to go online to a place like Tangled Up in Cichlids or Cichlids of the Americas?


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    Ken Davis on here breeds at least one of those I believe. He probably collected his original breeders too. I'm sure he'll see this within a few days. If he doesn't respond you could look him up. His hatchery is fish farm USA I believe.

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    I ended up getting a female F2 barred midas from Ken. I bred her to my male F1 from COTA - so I have about 50 3/4" F3 barred midas if anyone is looking for any babies.

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    An empty tank is a terrible thing to waste


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