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Thread: Fancy Guppies, Shrimp Friendly Snails

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    Fancy Guppies, Shrimp Friendly Snails

    Hi Everyone,

    New to the forum, and relatively new to the hobby. Really glad to have found AAAA, I've reached out to some members already and couldn't have been more impressed with their knowledge and willingness to help.

    I'm putting together a guppy and cherry shrimp tank. I'm looking for guppies with large and colorful tails that my young daughter (and I) can enjoy. I'm also looking for snails that do a good job of clearing algae, and are friendly to cherry shrimps and plants. I live near Emory.


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    Hello Eddie, these both sound like creatures that should be available pretty easily. Bumping so you get some more attention. Will you be able to make it to the talk this next Saturday, the 6th?

    Also, I would expect most freshwater snails wouldn't really trouble cherry shrimp. If you are just looking for cleaning crew, I would suggest nerite snails. Malaysian Trumpet Snails aren't lookers, but they are good for turning the substrate.

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    Thank you for the invite and the information; unfortunately, I won't be able to make it on Saturday. I'll look into some nerite snails, I'm running an aquaclear (with a pre-filter sponge) and worried about the Malaysian Trumpet Snails making their way into the intake filter and disrupting the motor. Thanks again!


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